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February 24, 2013
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Nightmare Wearhouse: Elijah and Joel by Casour Nightmare Wearhouse: Elijah and Joel by Casour

ID: #THBE011

Hey, guys. I'm slightly back. Came in here to FINALLY drop off my app for my cute little boys. They are Na'im's "efahs". I won't say much, but this is for
:iconnightmarewearhouse::iconnightmarewearhouse::iconnightmarewearhouse: ((Really great group, I recommend everybody join)):iconnightmarewearhouse::iconnightmarewearhouse::iconnightmarewearhouse:

✇ Name:
Elijah Dryid + Joel Dryid
✇ Age:
✇ Birthdate:
✇ Gender:
N/A (Perceived as Males)
✇ Race:
Efahs (?)
✇ Weight:
N/A (Everchanging)
✇ Height:
✇ Position:
Beast Class (Tamed Efah)
✇ Level:

✇ Personality:
    Borderline Sociopathic. Although their personality can vary by situation or time, they are commonly knows as arrogant, vulgar, aggressive, and hateful bastards. They cannot go a minute without using profane language or insulting somebody. They hate anyone that is not Na'im. Distrustful of other beings, they will either distance themselves from anybody or plain out attack them. Yet, they are still children. They lose focus easily, become distracted with anything they find interest easily, lie or run away when they believe they are in trouble, believe they are right 110% of the time, and strongly believe they are the center of the universe. They can start out aggressive yet switch to sweet and innocent in a split second.
    Another peculiar thing about them is their personalities can become one (as they will talk at the same time with exactly the same words and actions), or become two separate entities. It's almost impossible to differentiate which one is Joel and which is Elijah. They are able to switch personalities, without even trying. Their complete mentality will be able to shift itself.

✇ Strengths:
    Wind--it is their very strongest point. With enough wind, they are able to create sandstorms.
    Avoiding direct contact--being made out of sand allows them to shift that sand to avoid being hurt (however, this is only when they shift sand, otherwise they will be hurt).
    Fire--fire hardens their sand, and gives them a strong defensive boost.
    Finding ways to plug in "fuck" into their sentences.
    Organizing and identifying herbs and poisons.

✇ Weakness:
    Water--Their biggest weakness. The sand they use will turn into mud, which becomes too heavy to move. If not careful, they can completely dissolve to the point their Arcane Heart is clearly visible.
    Thinking--they aren't very clever nor creative, sadly. As if all they have in their cute lil' heads was sand... oh wait.
    Inventing new insults.
    Get distracted very easily--More so with things they are curious about. If interested enough, they can create dangerous situations for themselves

✇ Talents:
    Being that stupid, and that bad at insulting people.
    Such bad liars that it's a pure talent.
    Cooking, suprisingly.
    Able to control any sand around them, and create grand-scale sandstorms if the conditions are correct.

✇ Likes:
    Sweets + Spices
    Sun/hot weather
    Anything interested or something they have not experienced/met before

✇ Dislikes:
    Anything that hurts Na'im
    Humans--particularly males
    Semisargas--they are huge racists
    Each other

✇ Background:
[Classified: Will be added later]


✇ Element:

✇ Weapon:
    Their bodies. They are made out of sand, they are the sand. They morph the sand to become any weapon they desire, even altering their own body to either defend or attack. However, when with Na'im, they completely turn into weapons. Morphing into sand, they become giant fists. They are also able to condense or lessen the sand to adjust their weight.

✇ Attributes:
    With their defense and health low, they must be very careful to avoid any attack. If not careful enough, a hit can hurt them significantly. However, they do not have to use a lot of Arcane to use their sand. As long as it is sand that is closeby, or directly touching them, they are able to morph it effortlessly. However, to create sandstorms or attract more sand, they have to use much more Arcane.
    They are also significantly weakened when separated. When together, even with them closeby, their attribute points double. Yet, when far enough (or when an enemy is between them), their attributes follow the Apart section.
    Another point to keep in mind is that their Attributes combine together when they become Na'im's weapons. Although they have to rely on her actions and are forced to use more of their Arcane.

»Apart (Each):
    Health: 300
    Attack: 1350
    Magic: 650
    Defense: 200
    Speed: 500
    Total points: 3000

    Health: 600
    Attack: 2700
    Magic: 13000
    Defense: 400
    Speed: 1000
    Total points: 6000
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XxSceneyBabayxX Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Twins, homg
Stop being so attractive, you douchebags
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It's a part of their douchebagginess. It's a must to be attractive.
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Attractive people are my weaknesssssss :iconlazycryplz:
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You must have will-power, young one. You can do it! Fight their attractiveness and defeat the assholes within!
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